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Nose Job Terminology

Ala - the skin along the sides of the nose, near the nostril

Alar - relating to the ala

Alae - plural of Ala

Alar base - where the nostrils meet the upper lip

Alar base reduction - a surgical step in nose jobs to narrow excessively wide nostrils

Alar facial sulcus - where the nostrils (alae) meet the side of the cheek

Alar groove - the continuation of the alar facial sulcus running parallel to the nostril margin toward the tip of the nose.

Alar margin - the lower margin of the ala, forming the side entrance to the nostrils

Alar notch - see alar retraction

Alar retraction - notching or undesirable elevation of the nostril margin which results in excessive columellar show, may be the result of excessive cartilage removal during a nose job

Alloderm - a type of natural graft used in a nose job to smooth out the bridge of the nose

Batten - a type of graft (typically made from cartilage) used during a nose job to provide structural support

Bifid - term used to describe a situation where there is a distinct midline groove such as a bifid tip or a bifid columella. This feature can be corrected with a nose job.

Bone - the upper third of the nasal framework is made of nasal bones

Bossae - sharp twists or bends in cartilage that may be visible through thin nasal skin and sometimes appear after a nose job

Bridge - section of nose running from forehead to the tip of the nose

Cartilage - the moderately firm yet pliable material of the middle and lower thirds of the nose and the septum

Columella - the visible portion of the partition between the two nostrils

Columellar show - the amount of the nostril partition that may be seen on the side view, ideally no more than 3-5 mm

Columellar Strut - a graft (typically made of septal cartilage) used during a nose job to support and strengthen the columella, thus providing support and stability to the nasal tip

Concave - caving inward

Convex - caving outward

Costal - relating to rib; costal cartilage graft = rib cartilage graft

Deviated - crooked or not straight. Nose job term used to describe abnormalities of nasal structures

Deviated septum - a septum that is not midline. It may be tilted to one side or it may have a bend within it. A deviated septum should be fixed during a nose job.

Dome - the curve in the nasal tip cartilages that define the shape of the nasal tip. For example, in a nose with a wide tip, the domes are typically large and wide.

Dorsum - the bridge of the nose

Dorsal - referring to dorsum

Dorsal hump - a convexity on the bridge (or dorsum) of the nose, typically made up of cartilage and bone

Dorsal reduction - a step in nose job to remove a hump from the bridge of the nose

Endonasal rhinoplasty - older nose job technique with limited visualization of nasal anatomy

External nasal valve - defined by the angle between the nasal septum and the lower lateral cartilages (LLC)

Gore-Tex - a type of synthetic implant used in nose jobs, typically for reconstruction of the nasal bridge in revision nose jobs

Graft - term used to describe natural structural material used during a nose job. The most common types of grafting material in nose jobs include cartilage (from the septum, ear, or rib), bone (from the nose, rib, or skull), and soft tissue (Alloderm, fascia)

Groove - a depression or valley in the contour of the nose

Hump - a convexity (bump) over the bridge of the nose

Hanging columella - a term used to describe excessive columellar show

Implant - term used to describe synthetic structural material used during nose jobs. The most common types of implant material in nose jobs include Gore-Tex, Medpor, and Silicone.

Internal nasal valve - typically the narrowest portion of the nasal passages, this is an angle defined by the fusion of the nasal septum and the upper lateral cartilages (ULC)

Lower lateral cartilages - paired cartilages that make up the tip of the nose (Acronym LLC)

Nasal bones - paired bones that make up the firm upper third of the nasal skeleton

Nasal sill - a small shelf of skin separating the upper lip from the nostril

Nasal tip - the tip of the nose whose structure is determined by the shape of the paired lower lateral cartilages (LLC)

Nasal valve - internal and external nasal valves are vital in nasal airway function

Nasion - the point where the nose separates from the forehead, ideally at the level of the crease of the upper eyelid

Nasofrontal angle - the angle between the nose and the forehead

Nasolabial angle - the angle between the nose and the upper lip

Nostrils - paired openings in the nose where air passes

Open rhinoplasty - advanced nose job technique allowing excellent visualization of nasal structures

Osteotomy - controlled cuts made in nasal bones during nose jobs to allow reshaping of previously broken bones, a wide nose, or twisted nasal bones

Osteotomies - plural of osteotomy

Quadrangular cartilage - portion of the nasal septum made up of cartilage

Projection - term used by nose job surgeons to define how far out the nose extends away from the plane of the face.

Radix - term used to describe the root of the nose (similar to nasion)

Rasp - instrument used to shave bone during nose jobs

Rhinion - the point on the nasal bridge where the bone and the cartilage meet, also where the nasal skin is typically the thinnest

Rib graft - when cartilage from the chest (rib) is used to rebuild the bridge of the nose, typically in revision nose jobs

Rotation - term used by nose job surgeons to define the angle between the upper lip and the nose (see nasolabial angle). For example, a droopy nose has a narrow nasolabial angle and requires additional rotation (upward tilt) to be more aesthetically pleasing. Conversely, an overly upturned nose has a wide nasolabial angle and requires de-rotation (downward tilt) to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Septal - relating to the septum

Septum - a midline partition between the right and left nasal cavities made of cartilage and bone

Septoplasty - surgical correction of a deviated septum, often performed at the same time as a nose job

Sinuses - Air-filled chambers inside the bones of the head with narrow openings into the sides of the nose

Sinus surgery - surgical procedure, typically done through the nostrils, that helps further open up the natural opening of the sinuses into the back of the nose

Splint - a rigid supporting dressing used in a nose job to help maintain the desired shape during healing

Spreader graft - a type of cartilage graft used in a nose job to strengthen the nasal bridge and to improve function of the internal nasal valve

Strut - a type of cartilage graft used in a nose job to strengthen or straighten another structure

Supratip - the region just above the tip of the nose

Supratip depression - a small dip, considered aesthetically pleasing, just above the tip of the nose

Sidewall - the sides of the nose above the alar groove. There is a cartilagenous sidewall and a bony sidewall

Tip - general term used to describe the nasal tip

Turbinate - Multiple paired shelves (3 on each side of the nose) of bone covered with mucous membranes inside the nose that humidify, filter, and warm the inspired air. When excessively large, the turbinates can cause nasal obstruction.

Upper lateral cartilages - paired triangular cartilages, extending from under the nasal bones above to the upper edge of the lower lateral cartilages (LLC) below, and to the nasal septum in the midline (Acronym ULC)

Vestibule - the opening to the inside of the nose, covered with thin skin containing hair

Vestibular - relating to the vestibule

Vibrasie - hairs on the vestibular skin

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