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Nose Job Stages

A brief overview.

Nose job Consult

If you are considering a nose job we encourage you to have 2 or 3 consultations with a qualified facial plastic surgeon that regularly performs nose jobs. These nose job consultations will allow you to have a good basis for comparison between the different surgeons. You will also find that you will gather more (and different) information during each consultation and this will make you a better-informed consumer. . . . read more.

Nose job Simulation

Patients interested in a nose job may benefit from a digital simulation of the potential nose job result. Many undesirable features of the nose affect the profile much more than they affect the front view. Most of us rarely get a good look at our profile, and if so, it is usually through a photograph. Digital nose job simulation allows the surgeon to give the patient an idea of possible outcome from the nose job procedure. Let's look at an example. . . . read more.

Nose job Pre-op

Typically scheduled 2-3 weeks prior to the nose job procedure, a pre-nose job visit with your surgeon helps ensure a more safe and successful experience on the day of your nose job. A number of important issues are reviewed and discussed during this visit. . . . read more.

Nose job Anesthesia

Your anesthesia experience during your nose job should be as safe and easy as possible. After years of experience with advanced nose job techniques we have chosen deep intravenous (IV) sedation as our preferred method of anesthesia for nose jobs. . . . read more.

Nose job Surgery

Nose job surgery techniques have evolved a great deal over last 2-3 decades. When nose jobs were a young specialty, nose job techniques were more crude and primarily involved removal of cartilage and bone. This technique of reduction nose jobs worked well in some types of noses but had poor outcomes with others. The weakening of the structural support of the nose would often result in collapse or undesired shape or asymmetries, not to mention nasal obstruction. . . . read more.

Nose job Recovery

A tape dressing and a protective shell will cover the bridge of the nose for one week following your nose job procedure. With modern nose job techniques employed by Dr. Naficy, no packing is required inside the nose. There may be some discoloration and swelling around the eyes which will typically improve over 5-7 days. One week is usually enough time for returning to work and social activities. . . . read more.

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