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Nose job consultation

If you are considering a nose job we encourage you to have 2 or 3 consultations with a qualified facial plastic surgeon that regularly performs nose jobs. These nose job consultations will allow you to have a good basis for comparison between the different surgeons. You will also find that you will gather more (and different) information during each consultation and this will make you a better-informed consumer.

During a typical nose job consultation with Dr. Naficy he will listen to your concerns, assess the aesthetics of your nose and face, and discuss your options. He will tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for a nose job and inform you of the specific features of your nose that would be addressed during the nose job procedure. Your breathing passages will also be evaluated and it will be determined whether there is a need to also address problems with the septum, nasal valves, and turbinates. Nose job costs will also be discussed at that visit. If you are interested in a rhinoplasty simulation, digital photos can be taken during the consultation visit and a nose job simulation will be performed.

Choosing a nose job surgeon:

When choosing a surgeon for your nose job, consider the following:

  • Does the surgeon perform nose jobs regularly?
  • Have you looked at enough of the surgeon's before and after pictures?
  • How long has the surgeon been performing nose jobs?
  • Does the surgeon specialize in nose jobs?
  • Do you have a personal referral from a trusted source?
  • Is the surgeon certified by either the ABFPRS or ABPS?

Bad reasons to choose a nose job surgeon are:

  • He/She offered the procedure at the lowest price
  • He/She did a nice job on a friend's breast augmentation

Be weary of a nose job surgeon who:

  • Doesn't touch your nose
  • Doesn't examine the inside of your nose
  • Doesn't ask you what you don't like about your nose
  • Doesn't answer your questions fully/completely
  • Doesn't inquire about breathing difficulty
  • Doesn't have an adequate number of before and after pictures or worse, if the pictures don't look that great

Important facts to consider in preparation for your nose job:

The nose has a vital function (breathing) and that function must be preserved. A successful nose job strives to improve the appearance of the nose while maintaining adequate nasal passages. The skin of your nose may determine what can or cannot be accomplished during a nose job. Certain noses with thick oily skin may pose a limit how small or refined the nose can be.

In order to achieve the ideal profile, the experienced nose job surgeon may also recommend additional procedures such as chin augmentation or neck liposuction.

The final outcome of a nose job is typically seen after one year. The nose continues to change, albeit gradually, for a number of months after a nose job. This has to do with healing of the skin of the nose, and tends to require more time in people with thicker skin.

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