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Nose Job Anesthesia

Your anesthesia experience during your nose job should be as safe and easy as possible. After years of experience with advanced nose job techniques we have chosen deep intravenous (IV) sedation as our preferred method of anesthesia for nose jobs.

IV sedation is extremely safe compared to the standard general anesthesia techniques used today. The main advantages of IV sedation anesthesia are:

  • it does not require putting a breathing tube in the throat
  • it does not require anesthetic gases or a breathing machine
  • the recovery is much faster
  • there is much less "hang-over" from anesthesia
  • there is much less nausea.

All these elements translate into greater comfort, safety, and speed of recovery. Dr. Naficy has used this technique of anesthesia in several thousand nose job and facial plastic surgery procedures without any anesthetic complications.

During IV sedation anesthesia a small flexible IV (intravenous catheter) is placed into one of the veins of the back of the hand (the area is numbed prior to placement of the IV). Through this IV line, relaxing medication is given to make you fall sleep. The amount of medication given is adjusted to the specific needs of each person. After you are sleeping, some numbing medicine is also placed in the nose. The beauty of IV sedation anesthesia is that during the procedure you are sleeping and unaware of anything yet you are still breathing on your own.

When the procedure is finished, the relaxing medication is discontinued and you begin to wake up. Because the medications used in IV sedation anesthesia clear your body rather quickly, most of our patients are able to go home in less than 15-20 minutes after the procedure is completed. Also, because Dr. Naficy does not use any nasal packing after a nose job, you are able to breathe through your nose immediately after the surgery!

Our anesthesia providers have been selected for their expertise in outpatient plastic surgery and have over 30 years of combined experience providing safe and effective anesthesia. In addition to providing anesthesia care at the Naficy Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center, our anesthesia providers are part of the Anesthesia Department at the University of Washington Medical Center and affiliated hospitals.

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